The Legend of Inikpi

Genre: Drama
Duration: 1hr 43mins
Starring: Sam Dede,Mercy Johnson, Okojie, Odunlade Adekola, Paul Obazele, Saheed Balogun
Director: Frank Arase

Set in the 16th century, before the coming of the colonialists, an impending war looms over the flourishing Igala Kingdom from the mighty Bini Kingdom led by Oba Esigie. To avert this war, King Attah Ayegba of Igala Kingdom consults the oracle to know the mind of the gods. When the Oracle informs the King of the human sacrifice demanded by the gods, the king plunges into despair; haunted by the ghosts of his past, this is a sacrifice he is not prepared to give! The Legend of Inikpi tells the story of two ancient kingdoms in West African history where traditions and culture run deep and where the gods through their oracles decide the fate of nations of people.

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