Rock On - the musical

Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 22:00PM

You have music bubbling in your veins and melodies running round your brain and the only thing that seems to soothe is when you release it through writing or singing. This is the world of Christie. She is recovering from her one and only love affair with the help of her therapist friend, when she finds herself thrust centre stage of a national gospel music competition by a set of quirky coincidences. Christie can almost reach out and touch her dream of serving the Lord with her voice, but she is conflicted. She would rather not stay in the competition by deception, and her progress in the competition is further jeopardised by fellow competitors scheming to push her out by any possible means. Yet, the audience has taken to her in a big way and the thrill of competition is causing fellow believers to qualify by fair means or foul, even if it means taking out members of your own band. As Christie pines for true love and tries her hand at the wheel of fortune, her fate is poised on the fulcrum of a nervous breakdown or breakthrough.

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