Dinner In The Sky

Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 02:00AM
EAN jet center Ikeja

ts a Valentine's day themed event. Its a unique Private Jet experience for Aviation enthusiasts and Champagne lovers. Its a Soiree. An opportunity to network, Experience the Jetlife and taste the Champagne life. An A-list artist will be there to serenade our guest. Theres a Champagne tasting section with an intercontinental buffet.Jetlife is for couples. The get to have dinner 40,000ft above sea level prepared by a Celebrity Chef and watch someone propose then dessert in Abuja. Discover the unique taste of Champagne in the Sky on their way back. Champagne life - taste the uniqueness of Champagne on a Jet and take pictures, Network, Intercontinental buffet.

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