The issue of change collection and loose change conversion has been persistent perhaps since the invention of currency, and 9Pay has been designed to provide a lasting solution. In an economy like Nigeria where transactions still involve use of cash, 9Pay offers merchants and customers alike a convenient, hassle-free option for dealing with change.

The 9Pay concept is the very first of its kind anywhere in the world, addressing every challenges, using existing infrastructure, and enabling stakeholders to a world of ease, convenience and value.

Benefits to Merchants

  • Reduces/eliminates cost of change purchase and cash management.
  • Relief for change available for customers making cash payments.
  • Accurate balancing of accounts after transaction processing.
  • Speeds up sales turnaround time at counter.

Benefits to Customers and Cardholders

  • Provides solution to loss of change.
  • Help customers save change and other monies conveniently.
  • Customers can benefit from numerous loyalty benefits on offer.

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